Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day in the life of Senji

Good evening all!

Bye all!


  1. swear down, you're killing me Senh!! lol
    I wasn't aware you had a "subscribe by email" button.
    I was about to say you need to add in some widgets to allow people to follow (which I still think you should add in)
    and think about the free upgrade to Google+
    it is an extremely messy system, you'd think one of the worlds biggest search engines would make a good site, I'm still trying to figure it out, but anything to help push us out there while we still develop man.
    we still do this for ourselves, but getting those lil likes and asspats do us good ;D

    also consider a instagram account bro. if you do instagram be sure to add in hash tags like #art #artist #pencil #sketch #illustration etc. all under the same image. the more relevant the merrier! ;)

  2. Rerr I wasn't aware that I had a subscribe button here lol but man thanks for the support! You're right I need to look into this widget-majig and see whatsup. Although I'm planning on working with a close web designer to help me launch my project's website, I just need to trick him into it mwaahhaha or pay =p.

    But yeah I'm starting to worry about what I'm posting now, ALOT of it is crazy spoilar, I might hold off posting any of my sketches and/or take some down when the first issue finally launches! (Whenever that bloody is lol)

    Instagram? Bloody hell I'm getting old. Dafuq is Instagram!?! Mkay Luther I'll look into it :p