Sunday, 19 May 2013

He lives?

Bloody hell... I cannot believe I let this stupid blog stagnate for almost half a year, if I could kick my butt, I'd be knee deep but let's not dwell in such matters. I would like to dedicate this blog post to a good friend, Luther Taylor... for trolling purposes and mostly because of his enthusiasm to the craft, always out on the prowl for creative stuff. I couldn't help but reciprocate so here's to you, my man.

I've revisited a lot of my sketches and gave em some hours. I really ought to push what little effort I can spare, during the day, into painting but I'm usually out and by the time I get home, the laziness hits me like no other. That has to change.

The very first cover draft. I wanted to chars to be standing on top of a tank which is what that tube is on the
ground. Not sure if I got the size down correctly. Crap.
Another undershot-ish sketch. I really like the way Logne came out., her appearance changes drastically
with every doodle. I've been struggling to find her face but I'm really liking what came out in this piece. A few
Band of Merc Insignia designs at the bottom.
Another revisit of an old sketch. I'm not happy with how the knife wielding char turned out. I couldn't get it
to look like the iteration of him in the previous sketch (last blog post) 
Deep in thought.
Another revisit sketch. Trying to carry Logne's likeness from different angles. Capturing the
expression was a challenge but it's great for reference once I've got it.
One of the  latest doodle from my sketchbook. More Logne and the "target"
More character designs
Silly idea for a "specialised" weapon
Really shouldn't doodle on crummy paper!
Was babysitting niece and had a little time to doodle  a scene in my head. Opening page for
the Graphic novel?
Edit: Forgot to add this sketch. Char design
I do apologize for those following my blog, I'll be sure to be much more frequent in my updates and for those wondering where my Graphic Novel is going: I'm at the stage where I am scripting the dialogues between characters and I must say.. it is friggin hard. I can easily spend hours nitpicking one page worth of script tearing it apart and trying to throw in some humour or extending a dialogue because I don't think it flows correctly, it could be all in my head but man it's no piece of cake. I suppose it has to do with the genre, so there is a lot of material and research that has to go into this.

I'm starting to understand why most comics takes a writer/artist combo in order to work. It takes a different kind of brain to make convincing conversation going and even more to make it comic-book interesting.

Also, baby niece.

Haro? Uncle Seng ?

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