Monday, 9 July 2012

WIP FFXIII Lightning Fanart

My twin brother Mathew and his girlfriend are busy trying to kick up enough original paintings to sell at the upcoming anime convention in Australia. Unfortunately his fat brain couldn't manage his time well enough (I'm just kidding lol!) so he's down a couple of paintings and was in dire need of some help.

So now I've been busting my butthole trying to prepare some paintings for their convention table. A work in progess:

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning WIP

The deadline is a couple of days from now and I was asked to paint two anime-ish paintings. Now I'm what you call an arrogant "dick" and instead of painting two popular anime characters I ended up challenging myself with some Final Fantasy fan art! I probably won't be able to get 2 paintings done at this rate but I'm sure Lynn won't mind :)

Thoughts on the subject: Since I was under pretty big time constraint I figured I should probably 'colour sample' the living crap out of the reference so I didn't have to worry about the composition and the colours. So essentially a picture-study but I changed the pose to something more dynamic and original.

Hopefully I'll get this painting done sometime tomorrow and maybe get the second one going. Doubt it though.

PS. I am NOT looking forward to painting that damn Blazefire Sabre. OTL


  1. Well it's kind of a games and anime convention and a whole combination of other stuff...

    And lol I guess you have the right to be an "arrogant dick" in this circumstance because that looks freaking awesome? ;D