Wednesday, 4 July 2012


First some spideyman inspired again from a thread on Penciljack

Secondly, I finally got over my writer's block last night and I was able to rampage through most of the plot for the 'beginning' of Arc one. So many ideas were just flowing through my head and I was struggling to write them down. I honestly cannot wait to be able to illustrate the graphic novel and depict these scenes for you guys, I just kept adding layers of layers of different twists and it all just connected in such an original fashion. Very excited!

I gotta thank my lucky stars for being able to touch-type 90+ apm. Gosh. A lot of the writing was just jumbled mess but mess that I understood. I'd eventually get back to it and flesh the sentences out more concisely but it's still a long way off, so far I've managed to get at least 15-18% of Arc one figured out. Though I believe that was the hard part since I had to introduce the entire main characters, different groups, factions and quickly summarise a quick coherent plotline that was interesting enough to capture the reader's attention. Only time will tell.

Silly update I know, but I'm pulling ahead now. One man team woohoo!

Another random Concept art:

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