Sunday, 1 July 2012

Senji's Blog is Live!

Woohoo! First blog post!

So its a new month and a great day (sodding rain) in London. The Euro Championship final is tonight, Italy vs Spain can't wait! Cannot believe for the life of me how Germany lost against Italy, they were really pressuring the Italians with their amazing ball play but their defence was just absolutely atrocious! But congratz to Italy they did play solid and looking forward to the Grand Finals.

Back on topic.

Logne wolf, a graphic novel project.

I wanted an avenue to spill my thoughts and progress so I figured I'd make a blog about it. So far it's been going really well, a friend suggested I get my sketches out on the web and get some presence for when I eventually get it published. I thought this was a brilliant idea so I've been posting my work and getting to know the communities over at and Digital Webbing.

So far I really like the Penciljack crowd, you get much more positive feedback with your work. Digital Webbing has given more more exposure but very little feedback. But its all good! As David of Prometheus would put it: Big things have small beginnings!

Here are the first conceptual sketches for the Graphic Novel!

Whew that's quite a large batch! You can notice the different art styles, was kinda exploring popular art to compliment my own, from Shirow to more realism to conceptual art / manga-isque.

Hope you enjoyed my first post! Till next time.

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