Saturday, 14 July 2012

Logne Wolf sketches

Good evening people!

Got a few more tidbits done:

Concerning the story, I feel like I might've solidified the opening plot for Logne Wolf so I may start production on the Graphic Novel. But I'm unsure as of now, I will probably postpone it until I get much more of the story fleshed out.

Now for those still reading, I do have some big goals that I have set for myself! The Comic-Con EXPO in London, the exhibition starts on the 26th-28th which is 3 months away and I plan to get the first issue done along with a few posters to sell at the convention.

To make things more interesting my initial plan was to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing for the first issue. For those familiar with Kickstarter, a typical campaign needs 30 days to secure pledges so that means I have little over 2 months to get the first issue done + posters!! Althought, there is a little leeway there in that I can get 20 or so pages done, enough to justify launching the Kickstarter campaign and use the duration of the 30 days to complete the issue and posters.

Expect to see a milestone checkpoint chart soon!

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