Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Logne Wolf Poster

My brother gave me some harsh criticism about the first initial Logne Wolf poster which was the inked-looking poster with Logne blasting away with her pistols. He said that it looked good but it didn't grab his attention so I decided to ditch it. For those that are too lazy to scroll down and check:

It would've been a nice first poster since there was a lot less worrying, its just an inked drawing. I planned to play around with the black lines and give it that glowy redness to it, a dash of MGS feel to the poster but Alas, if it didnt stick with my brother it's probably not worth it.

So here's the first Logne Wolf Poster I'm working on:

EDIT: I updated the WIP of the poster. Didn't feel it deserved an entire blog post just for a little progress update, you can check the old one here.

Logne is an elite Mercenary belonging to her brigade, the Band of Mercs. The figures behind her are her adoptive fathers.... her guardians... and her mentors. In this poster I planned to keep their faces hidden under a grim shadow, to emphasize their war-torn nature and the chaotic beasts that they are.