Sunday, 8 July 2012

First Logne Wolf Poster!!

Took a break from writing and sketched a couple of possible key scenes? (You decide!) Alot of big head or long arms in these sketches, its hard to stay ontop of the proportions when you're busy trying to capture a mood/atmosphere. I think it might be because I don't have one of those angled desk-board-thing that I've seen artists use. My perception angle is screwed up without those methinks.

Mitzi F├Ârdern gets a late night visitor
True Colours

WIP Poster 1
The Ink-inspired work got me thinking, this would make a great poster art for Logne Wolf so I've been spending some time cranking out the details.

The thing that got me with this drawing is.... Its all on one layer so when I sketched out the rough sketch, which you can see in my earlier blog entry below, I didn't bother to make a new layer and draw out the clean version. Instead I was erasing and drawing each line because I felt that I had really good control over the weight of each stroke so I got some pretty nifty calligraphy effect going on. The problem with this however is... it takes too much of your time!

So moral of the story, never finish your drawing on your 'rough sketch' layer; stop being lazy and just make a new one. 

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