Thursday, 29 November 2012


This is what happens when you throw a lotta lunch breaks at me:

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Random crap

First venture into 3D art. Lots to do, plenty to learn.

And a little WIP concept:

Still chugging away at the Graphic Novel but progress is slow. I have other "commitments" to attend to and can't wait to show you guys more ^^

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Zealot WIP

Still hacking away at my Graphic Novel including a new Starcraft 2 inspired painting!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Logne Wolf Poster/Front Cover update!

Been over a week since my last update and I feel bad. :(

I've been crazy busy on the plotline again, still got a lot of work to do but it's definitely getting there. My approach has been to treat the first arc like a 2-3 hour movie so I've been trying to squeeze in all the cinematic elements into a meaningful story. Although I keep adding more crazy scenes into the story so it's starting to look more of an episodic series. 

Regardless, here's an update for the frontcover/poster artwork. 

I've also joined a couple of facebook groups to get a little more exposure so that's been very fun. I can't wait to have more to show :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Logne Wolf Poster

My brother gave me some harsh criticism about the first initial Logne Wolf poster which was the inked-looking poster with Logne blasting away with her pistols. He said that it looked good but it didn't grab his attention so I decided to ditch it. For those that are too lazy to scroll down and check:

It would've been a nice first poster since there was a lot less worrying, its just an inked drawing. I planned to play around with the black lines and give it that glowy redness to it, a dash of MGS feel to the poster but Alas, if it didnt stick with my brother it's probably not worth it.

So here's the first Logne Wolf Poster I'm working on:

EDIT: I updated the WIP of the poster. Didn't feel it deserved an entire blog post just for a little progress update, you can check the old one here.

Logne is an elite Mercenary belonging to her brigade, the Band of Mercs. The figures behind her are her adoptive fathers.... her guardians... and her mentors. In this poster I planned to keep their faces hidden under a grim shadow, to emphasize their war-torn nature and the chaotic beasts that they are.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Wolverine Fan Art

My mind was blank today and I couldn't find it in me to work on my project. Why is it so hard to write!?

So... I decided to spend the afternoon painting Wolverine to unwind. Hope you like it!

This is what happens when you hang around PencilJack forums for too long LOL!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Logne Wolf sketches

Good evening people!

Got a few more tidbits done:

Concerning the story, I feel like I might've solidified the opening plot for Logne Wolf so I may start production on the Graphic Novel. But I'm unsure as of now, I will probably postpone it until I get much more of the story fleshed out.

Now for those still reading, I do have some big goals that I have set for myself! The Comic-Con EXPO in London, the exhibition starts on the 26th-28th which is 3 months away and I plan to get the first issue done along with a few posters to sell at the convention.

To make things more interesting my initial plan was to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing for the first issue. For those familiar with Kickstarter, a typical campaign needs 30 days to secure pledges so that means I have little over 2 months to get the first issue done + posters!! Althought, there is a little leeway there in that I can get 20 or so pages done, enough to justify launching the Kickstarter campaign and use the duration of the 30 days to complete the issue and posters.

Expect to see a milestone checkpoint chart soon!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Monday, 9 July 2012

WIP FFXIII Lightning Fanart

My twin brother Mathew and his girlfriend are busy trying to kick up enough original paintings to sell at the upcoming anime convention in Australia. Unfortunately his fat brain couldn't manage his time well enough (I'm just kidding lol!) so he's down a couple of paintings and was in dire need of some help.

So now I've been busting my butthole trying to prepare some paintings for their convention table. A work in progess:

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning WIP

The deadline is a couple of days from now and I was asked to paint two anime-ish paintings. Now I'm what you call an arrogant "dick" and instead of painting two popular anime characters I ended up challenging myself with some Final Fantasy fan art! I probably won't be able to get 2 paintings done at this rate but I'm sure Lynn won't mind :)

Thoughts on the subject: Since I was under pretty big time constraint I figured I should probably 'colour sample' the living crap out of the reference so I didn't have to worry about the composition and the colours. So essentially a picture-study but I changed the pose to something more dynamic and original.

Hopefully I'll get this painting done sometime tomorrow and maybe get the second one going. Doubt it though.

PS. I am NOT looking forward to painting that damn Blazefire Sabre. OTL

Sunday, 8 July 2012

First Logne Wolf Poster!!

Took a break from writing and sketched a couple of possible key scenes? (You decide!) Alot of big head or long arms in these sketches, its hard to stay ontop of the proportions when you're busy trying to capture a mood/atmosphere. I think it might be because I don't have one of those angled desk-board-thing that I've seen artists use. My perception angle is screwed up without those methinks.

Mitzi F├Ârdern gets a late night visitor
True Colours

WIP Poster 1
The Ink-inspired work got me thinking, this would make a great poster art for Logne Wolf so I've been spending some time cranking out the details.

The thing that got me with this drawing is.... Its all on one layer so when I sketched out the rough sketch, which you can see in my earlier blog entry below, I didn't bother to make a new layer and draw out the clean version. Instead I was erasing and drawing each line because I felt that I had really good control over the weight of each stroke so I got some pretty nifty calligraphy effect going on. The problem with this however is... it takes too much of your time!

So moral of the story, never finish your drawing on your 'rough sketch' layer; stop being lazy and just make a new one. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


First some spideyman inspired again from a thread on Penciljack

Secondly, I finally got over my writer's block last night and I was able to rampage through most of the plot for the 'beginning' of Arc one. So many ideas were just flowing through my head and I was struggling to write them down. I honestly cannot wait to be able to illustrate the graphic novel and depict these scenes for you guys, I just kept adding layers of layers of different twists and it all just connected in such an original fashion. Very excited!

I gotta thank my lucky stars for being able to touch-type 90+ apm. Gosh. A lot of the writing was just jumbled mess but mess that I understood. I'd eventually get back to it and flesh the sentences out more concisely but it's still a long way off, so far I've managed to get at least 15-18% of Arc one figured out. Though I believe that was the hard part since I had to introduce the entire main characters, different groups, factions and quickly summarise a quick coherent plotline that was interesting enough to capture the reader's attention. Only time will tell.

Silly update I know, but I'm pulling ahead now. One man team woohoo!

Another random Concept art:

Monday, 2 July 2012

Logne Concept update

An update WIP of a Logne painting. I plan to use this as a template to design her other Merc-Op gear and what not. Should be a lot of fun.

I've been snooping at Penciljack for over a week now and the artwork there has really been inspiring I couldn't help but give ink-comic style a try. A WIP:

The one thing that got me was how unbelievably fun it was to draw in this style! It's so fluid and carefree, almost like calligraphy but not as restrictive. You don't have to stress over thin lines because you can just do it over and make it thicker. Very fun and stress free, I may do more of these to unwind.

In other news, congratz to Spain for winning the Euro Cup. Thoroughly deserved with how badly Italy played, 4-0?? Good god.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Logne Wolf Progress Update

Hello all,

Just wanted to give a little update on the current progress of Logne Wolf. It's coming along nicely. Right now I'm spending a lot of my time contributing to the actual storyline, in fact my project document is getting pretty hefty now, around 25 pages and thats just covering 2-3 char outline and a mere 5-10% of the story! Most of it is just future ideas for the Arc 2 and beyond, which is really bad because I really ought to focus on the first Arc. As of now its just a bunch of plot twists and scenes all muddled up in a big mess.

No time for sketching/doodling I'm afraid.

It's going to be a while before I can jump into the meat of sequential art but I really want to get the entire Arc One's storyline figured out and written cohesively in a document otherwise I fear I might end up with unintended loopholes.

And on a completely unrelated note, here's an old conceptual character design I did a while ago to spice up this boring post.

Bye for now!

Logne Wolf Update

Final art dump to bring us up to date!

CG paintings and WIP of Logne Aetholphus.

Small Character extract:

Full name: Logne Aetholphus 
Codename: Logne Wolf

Logne is a 15 year old bastard child of many formidable Mercenary Guardians belonging to a phantom military group known as, The Band of Merc. She is ruthless and borderline autistic with no social skills, a superficially conditioned feral child of war.

Senji's Blog is Live!

Woohoo! First blog post!

So its a new month and a great day (sodding rain) in London. The Euro Championship final is tonight, Italy vs Spain can't wait! Cannot believe for the life of me how Germany lost against Italy, they were really pressuring the Italians with their amazing ball play but their defence was just absolutely atrocious! But congratz to Italy they did play solid and looking forward to the Grand Finals.

Back on topic.

Logne wolf, a graphic novel project.

I wanted an avenue to spill my thoughts and progress so I figured I'd make a blog about it. So far it's been going really well, a friend suggested I get my sketches out on the web and get some presence for when I eventually get it published. I thought this was a brilliant idea so I've been posting my work and getting to know the communities over at and Digital Webbing.

So far I really like the Penciljack crowd, you get much more positive feedback with your work. Digital Webbing has given more more exposure but very little feedback. But its all good! As David of Prometheus would put it: Big things have small beginnings!

Here are the first conceptual sketches for the Graphic Novel!

Whew that's quite a large batch! You can notice the different art styles, was kinda exploring popular art to compliment my own, from Shirow to more realism to conceptual art / manga-isque.

Hope you enjoyed my first post! Till next time.